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I am a student who loves design, business and all the strategy that comes with it.
Cave painting of logos on cave wall

Understanding the origins of the word brand can help demystify what the word now means.

In the world of business and design, the last 30 years have seen a rapid rise in the use of the word brand. Branding has become something every company claims to be doing, but few really know how to do. The first step in simplifying the mess that is our understanding of branding, is understanding what a brand was and now is.

The era of empires

Going all the way back to the start, the word brand originates from the Old Norse term fire-brand, describing a hot piece of…

Leverage the subconscious impression of colour for your brand

The first principal

Colour is a powerful tool for quick communication, evident by its use on warning and road signs. But what should be considered when choosing a colour? What concept should you have in mind? What is at the core of the decision?

Branding Colour = Impression

It’s all based on impression because we recognise and interpret colours subconsciously. That impression is interpreted differently across cultures, for example red is a colour of love and anger in the west, but it represents prosperity and good luck in China. When it comes to branding…

Fiverr company logo

Fiverr provides a planform that eliminates or minimises problems.

For years, I believed that other designers and I would be better off avoiding Fiverr. Like most of the design community, I had a pretty big prejudice built up around the platform. I shared the sentiment that it degrades designers and the industry by promoting cheap work, lowering prices for creative work, and exploiting freelancers.

It was great for getting me started on the right track. It enabled me to create consistently, be a part of a community, and provide content for social media posts. I completed the challenge, interacted with other designers doing the challenge, researched, and posted on…

I’m a freelance brand designer, currently working predominantly on logo designs. It’s a fun job. I’ve always enjoyed creating small sketches, collages and models, probably because the small size allows time to be spent on the little details.

The first time I considered more than the face value of a logo was around three years ago, a little after finishing college. Whatever flipped this switch definitely got me interested, the mix of art, simplicity and symbolism stood out. With time to fill and they want to do something, I searched for a course to get me started. …

If you can apply contrast to your creations they will look good and stand out.

What’s the first principle?

Usually, this is where the topic is revealed, but in the spirit of contrast, the mould has been broken.

Colour = Contrast

Typography = Contrast

Composition = Contrast

Contrast is so important that half of the studies for my degree in Digital Design should have been dedicated to different forms of it. It’s kind of crazy how all the fundamentals come back to the same principle. It’s the thing that separates those who are good from those who aren’t, at all skills levels. You may…

Minimalism is about living without the clutter. In life, it is the combination of essentialism and environmentalism. In design, it refers to using the minimum amount of components and styling required for efficiency and effectiveness.

Originally, I saw a minimalist lifestyle as the answer to an overcrowded and stressful life, as a guide to improve. The same answer applies to design as well. It helped me identify what is and isn’t needed for a user-friendly design. In other words it helped me to focus on the fundamentals, in both life and design.

I now see minimalism as a bit of…

Das Keyboards is a fairly small brand that makes top of the line computer keyboards that don’t grab any attention (google: what is the best keyboard for work?). If you saw one of their keyboards and didn’t know the brand you would think it’s a quick, fairly inexpensive buy off Amazon.

What makes them great?

They know what you want in a keyboard, they make it as easy and efficient as possible, and they have the experience of doing it for over a decade.

Currently, I think the new 16’’ MacBook pros keyboard is what most people are after. It has clicky keys…

All careers have busy work, but in digital design the busy work can feel ridiculous. There is the file handling, project management, and maintaining of portfolios. So how do you reduce the busy work? How do you reduce the time to ship, the time to get an idea out of the starting gates and into the client’s hands or onto your portfolio?

To answer the first question, there is a simple motivation, who wants to waste time doing boring things? But there is another that isn’t so intuitive. It is that shipping ideas can be a struggle for us creatives…

A logo isn’t a brand, but it must symbolise one. Don’t see a logo as what you need to create a brand, see it as the holistic symbol of a brand. The best description I can come up with is that a logo is a single coherent visual device that denotes an identity. It can consist of letters, an illustration or a combination of the two.

What’s the first principle? the core goal

Having defined what a logo is, we are going to start with the first principle, the goal you have when creating a logo and the state of mind you must be in.

Logo Design…

Late last year I was working at my desk, waiting for the Tesla CyberTruck event. I couldn’t help but keep glancing up at the countdown timer. As I finished up, I started to wonder, how does a company with no advertising convince someone who can’t afford their product to sit around waiting for its announcement?

So, what is it, about Tesla’s brand that makes people want to understand it, follow it and buy it?

When most people think of a brand, the first two things that come to mind are its products and the designs associated with it.

Most people…

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