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Are students better off freelancing through Fiverr or independently?

Fiverr provides a planform that eliminates or minimises problems.

For years, I believed that other designers and I would be better off avoiding Fiverr. Like most of the design community, I had a pretty big prejudice built up around the platform. I shared the sentiment that it degrades designers and the industry by promoting cheap work, lowering prices for creative work, and exploiting freelancers.

Getting started with Fiverr

It was at this point that a friend told me about someone who had some success freelancing on Fiverr, and recommended I give it a go. I still had my prejudices. But with little success using other options, I thought, why not. I was after the chance to create branding and designs that would get used, to share what I had learned in a more meaningful way, to create work that would help someone achieve their ambitions.

Why I refer potential clients to Fiverr

My first projects came in just a couple of weeks after setting up my profile on Fiverr, and from there I have had a steady stream to the point where I have now had over 25 successful projects. All this experience has provided a lot of learning and enough earnings to sustain me.

Why Fiverr has its place in the industry

From my experience, Fiverr has a platform the enables safe and straightforward paid freelance work, something that is far from the norm for student — Providing an environment that is great for learning and practising freelance that most wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

I am a student who loves design, business and all the strategy that comes with it.